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Best Quality Service

With over 35 years experience in splicer service, Fujikura customers can be assured only the best quality service is provided.

FujikuraLtd. is pleased to receive the GLOBAL FUSION SPLICERS CUSTOMER VALUE LEADERSHIP AWARD from Frost & Sullivan, Inc. This award gives recognition to the excellent after-sales service provided by Fujikura's worldwide distribution network which are highly valued by customers.

World Wide Service Network

With more than 80 authorized distributors worldwide, customers can rest assured that their concerns will be responded immediately by their local Fujikura distributor. Every Fujikura distributor has a service center and professionally trained personnel who are able to address the concerns of each customer quickly and effectively.


Fujikura splicers and specialty equipments are covered under warranty. Please contact your local Fujikura distributor for any repairs needed.

Fiber Optic Training

Fujikura offers training courses in fiber optics. Through these courses, you will gain an understanding in fiber optic communications, installations, testing procedure and equipment. You will also learn how to make the right decisions in choosing the most suitable equipment for your project. Please click the link below of Fujikura offices more information.


Fujikura provides optimization services for your splicing requirement. Please contact your local Fujikura distributor for your fiber splicing optimization enquiries.

Register Your Product

To check the status of your product status and ask for extended warranty/calibration services.